Gorgeous Minimalist Fireplaces to Infuse Your Home with Warmth

Having a fireplace not only feels heavenly during the winter; it also adds plenty of personality and style to any room décor. Thanks to the growing development; the stodgy hearths of yesteryear have been replaced by modern and minimalist fireplaces that not only keep you warm but satisfy your décor needs as well.

Let’s check out a few of those fireplaces.

  • The multi-functional design

This fireplace is built-in such that it looks parts of the wall itself. An excellent feature about it is that you can easily add a multi-functional storage unit along the media section which is hidden from view. This low-level hearth is often given a contrasting color which adds a stunning and unique dimension to the décor of any ambiance.

  • Efficient space divider

These are often the wall hanging fireplaces. Oozing a contemporary vibe; the dazzling flames of this type of fireplace can be viewed from all three sides of a room which creates a subtle and soothing pleasing ambiance. This unique design feature not only takes the charm and beauty of décor higher but also adds a unique and functional design element as a way of a divider.

  • The suspended gas fireplace

This type of fireplace not only adds a luxury vibe to any ambiance but also looks extremely elegant. Here, sturdy curved glass with likewise curved canopy is suspended from the ceiling. Thus, you can easily view its dazzling flames from all sides and corners of the room.  Its light and heat get easily disseminated throughout the room while its dazzling flames and bespoke design create a sensational center-point.

These were just a few ideas. You can choose from numerous options available on the market.