Linda Lewis


Linda has been the behind the seen person from the first day she joined the club. She has worked on the pond tour every year and is now the news letter editor. Linda is allay willing to pitch in when help is needed. 

Mary Ball


Mary is a true asset to our club. She has stepped in and has taken over as our treasurer. She also works on the pond tour each year.  She is always willing to volunteer her time when needed.

Van Atkins


In March 2005 the membership of the club selected Van  Atkins as the Charleston Showa Koi Club's Person of the Year.  Van was the organizer of our first Pond Tour in May 2004.  He is also the club librarian and one of the clubs Koi Health Advisor's.  Despite some health problems this year he has been a hard working member of our club.  

Ralph Owens


  Ralph has always been an active member in our club. Although  frequently his job takes he out of town that has never stopped hem from taking part in the clubs activates. 

   To his credit Ralph has been V. President, President and is now the club Treasurer. Ralph also is the man reasonable for the club having a web site. As the president of the club in 2004 and 2005 Ralph kept up with all the club business, the website as well as making arrangements for many guest speakers to come to the club. Ralph and his wife Sue live in the town of Sumter about a hour and a half drive from Charleston but that doesn't stop them from helping out with the club activates. When Ralph is out of town he can always be reached by Email.

Johnna Hansen


   Johnna has been a very active member of the club since the first day she joined the club. In only a few years she has worked her way to being the VP and in line to be President. Her love for the fish and her quest for knowledge has led her to be one of 4 KHA's (Koi health adviser) in our club. She is the first person many club members call when they are having a problem with their pond or their fish.

   Johnna is also one of the editors for the KHA news letter; this is a letter that only KHA's receive so you need to know what you’re talking about when you write something in it. She also is the first member to have an article in Koi USA, as far as I know.

   This year like last, she has been the driving force in getting our pond tour going. Like last year, she has taken on the task of putting the Pond Tour Booklet together and has done a wonderful job.

Beth Lisenby


There are so many good things that can be said of Beth that it is hard to know where to begin.  Beth Lisenby is one of those prized people who consistently brings joy and enthusiasm to her volunteer work.  Serving as club secretary for the last three years, Beth is responsible for publishing our newsletter, taking minutes at all meetings and keeping us organized.  She never fails to add a little extra to each task, interjecting ideas and optimism to her work.  She has also been the driving force behind our annual pond tour, a daunting task for all who have participated behind the scenes.  Ever since she and her husband Chuck joined the club, Beth has been a valuable asset to all of us and our club would not be the same without her.  Here's to you, Beth!   

Gwen Lowe


They say behind every great man is a great woman.  We say, behind every great club there are numerous hard-working volunteers that love what they do and do it well.  Gwen is our prime example. As membership chairman for our club, Gwen keeps her mind focused on membership enhancement and expansion. Continually present at all functions, always eager to help, daring to ask important questions and willing to follow up to make sure things gets done. If you have ever contacted our club, attended one of our functions or emailed us, chances are you have spoken to Gwen. Behind the scenes Gwen is a driving force who makes sure we continue to learn and grow as a club in a manner that welcomes all. Congratulations to you Gwen.  

Kathy Over


Kathy Over has had a dramatic improvement as a Koi keeper during the last couple of years.  She has not only worked hard for the club as the co-director of the pond tour, she has worked hard for her koi.  Kathy has grown as a koi keeper.  It's easy to sit back and enjoy our ponds, riding along on knowledge that we already have.  Kathy has put a lot of effort into learning more about koi, koi health, water quality and proper design.  This is knowledge that she can use to help others in our club and to keep her own pond healthy.

Trish Bender


Trish has been a member of our club since 2005.  Always available to answer questions, help members think through parliamentary procedures or just listen, Trish serves as the ad hoc helper whenever necessary.  She is currently the webmaster for this site, as well as the computer go-to girl for our Pond Tour advertising committee. 


As a way to honor an outstanding member of our club, Koi person of the Year is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to koi keeping  and/or to our club in the past year

Koi Person of the Year

Charleston Showa Koi Club